Chakra Gold

Chakra Gold

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Chakra Gold, Music for Relaxation and Healingis specially composed music by Aetherium musician, led by Chris Conway and designed to help balance the chakra energy centers and promote relaxation during massage.

Features guest instrumentalist Chris Puleston on instruments that resonate and vibrate to our specific chakra centres. If you like this, you'll also want to visit our friends at Paradise Music and listen to Healing Gold, Music for Relaxation and Healing by Aetherium.

Total run time:  65+ minutes


Chris Conway, leader of Aetherium, is a talented multi-instrumentalist. He plays piano / keyboards, string guitar, tin & low whistles, kalimba, theremin, bamboo flute, and zither as well as vocals. It is Chris Conway’s ability to bring his huge experience of different music, together with his skills on so many acoustic and electronic instruments that makes his music special. He has a strong feeling for harmony and the effect of that harmony on the emotions makes the feel of a Chris Conway album so very distinctive

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