We create the mix.
You press play.

sighTUNES is a music subscription service designed especially for massage therapists.

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Massage music that goes wherever you go!

Enjoy a new 10 hour mix every month!

Each playlist is a unique assortment of music. Learn more about our exclusive artists…

  • 10 Hour Music Playlist

    Your clients will enjoy 10-hour music mixes that change every month. You'll appreciate having reliably great music day every day. And it's all there where you want it—your smart phone, tablet or computer. Play it as much as you want!

  • Works Everywhere

    sighTUNES works wherever you work without WiFi, and on most devices, including your Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. You only need WiFi when you download the playlist once a month. No need to purchase additional hardware. It just works.

  • Refreshed Monthly

    Every month we'll surprise and delight you with a new mix of music. You'll be prompted to download the mix on the first of each month. That's the only time you'll need WiFi. Then all you need to do is press play and enjoy.

  • Exclusive Content

    Your sighTUNES subscription includes exclusive albums and artists not available anywhere else. Our music mixes are curated by human beings on our staff (not by robots or computers). We select all artists and tracks with you and your clients in mind.

  • Royalty-Free

    What about licensing and royalties? We love our artists! We pay them royalties, so you don't have to. Your sighTUNES subscription fee covers everything.

  • Subscribe Today!

    Expensive? No way! Only $9.99 per month for all this! Ready to get on board? Click here to subscribe today! If you're associated with ABMP, NCBTMB, Zeel, FSMTA, DSA or massageblueprint.com ask them about your 40% discount. Get your special promo code. Use it when you register and save money!