Chris Ho Project: Compilation

Chris Ho Project: Compilation

Chris Ho

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Track Title
Texture in Grey
Same Dream
Winter Light

At Peace Media is pleased to offer The Chris Ho Project: Compilation. We hope you'll enjoy this rich tapestry of instrumental tracks from five different Chris Ho albums, composed especially for massage and bodywork. 

Texture in Grey      12:21    from Within a Dream

Blues                      12:51    from Lavender

Same Dream          12:44    from Slow Moves

Release                  12:23    from Doors of Perception

Winter Light            19:26    from Dream Walking

Chris Ho

Chris Ho combines talent as a composer and keyboardist in the creation of original relaxation music exclusively for At Peace Media. A prolific composer and virtuoso pianist, his performances display a devotion to beauty, passion, and imagination. Breathtaking improvisations and dynamic interplay are ever present features of his work

A native Californian, Christ Ho spent his childhood playing the trumpet and piano, without ever having taken a formal music lesson.  In his early twenties, Chris became fascinated with composition – the process and the inspiration. Chris Ho has written more than 10,000 original compositions, including jazz, classical, rock and gospel and has been a published composer and publisher since 1984 He is also co-published with Motown legend Smokey Robinson and toured and recorded with Mr. Robinson for over 20 years.

"To create new music is exciting and challenging, especially in this genre of relaxation spa music. From composition and improvisation to production ideas and solutions, my aim is to be original and creative yet respectful of the mission to relax the listener and help the massage therapist, while maintaining the integrity of the music as an art form.  I want to keep the music uplifting and enlightening. I hope to find new directions with At Peace Media and push boundaries with imagination, musical resources and inspiration."

In addition to his music, Chris enjoys painting and cooking. Examples of his art can be seen in the Chris Ho album covers featured at

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