Pan Flutes With Love

Pan Flutes With Love

Ken Davis
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Joy of Love $0.99 Add to Cart
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Out of the Cold $0.99 Add to Cart
Daintree $0.99 Add to Cart
Follow Your Heart $0.99 Add to Cart
To Be With You $0.99 Add to Cart
This is Love $1.99 Add to Cart
I Get A Feeling $1.99 Add to Cart
Love for the Heart $0.99 Add to Cart
The Garden $0.99 Add to Cart
Far Away $0.99 Add to Cart
Mother Nature $0.99 Add to Cart
Moment in Time $0.99 Add to Cart

Pan Flutes with Love, by platinum-recording, Sydney, Australia based musician Ken Davis offers inspirational instrumental massagae music to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Ideal for use as spa music, or music for relaxation. Many of our clients have used this album for a variety of relaxation purposes: massage, sleep, meditation and reading are only a few of the possible uses.  Acoustic instruments include the pan flute.  

Ken Davis

Musician Ken Davis composes music to heal and harmonize body, mind and spirit. His music appeals to those searching for a positive and inspirational alternative to  aggression and disharmony. If you're looking for balance, Ken's soothing healing music will help you find it.  Music speaks all languages!

"My belief is that life is to be enjoyed and celebrated. Music is the universal key to uplifting the spirit in us all. Music  unites humanity by tones. Certain tones touch certain emotions. Beautiful melodies create peace and a loving vibration." - Ken Davis

Artist image (top, left): A photo by Ken of Crystal Cascades,  Far north Queensland

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