Stephanie Bennett

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Track Title
The Boatman
Gartan Mother's Lullabye
The Mossy Bower
The Hon. Thomas Burke
Bonny Portmore
For Freedom, For Erin
Suo Gan
The Ancient Fortress
My Lagan Love

AVALON, Celtic Massage Music by Stephanie Bennett offers traditional Welsh, Scots and Irish arrangements and original songs composed and performed by Stephanie Bennett on wire strung Celtic harp, nylon strung Celtic harp, pedal harp and keyboards, accompanied by musicians playing Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), pennywhistle, tenor recorder, soprano recorder, flute and cello.


"I played lots of different Celtic tunes till I found the ones that really inspired and moved me and seemed to have something really beautiful and nurturing to say. When you're working with music that's been played hundreds of times, you want to honor its timelessness and history yet still give it your own unique, creative stamp. 

My original compositions were actually created in and inspired by a trip to Ireland. I'd taken my tiny harp with me to Ireland so that I could play along with the musicians in the pubs in Dublin and so that I could use it for spontaneous composing. One day I climbed up to the top of this 2500 year old stone castle called Steig Fort, in the Ring of Kerry and wrote Ancient Fortress while contemplating the mystery and timelessness of this beautiful place and wondering about the kinds of people who had been here before me." -  Stephanie Bennett

CD cover art:  Melissa Harris

Stephanie Bennett

Award-winning musician and composer Stephanie Bennett has been called “one of our country’s top harpists” (Hollywood Reporter).  Avalon, inspired by Stephanie’s travels to Ireland, includes the original composition, “The Ancient Fortress” which she composed at the top of 2500 year old Steig Fort in the Ring of Kerry with one of her harps while “contemplating the mystery and timelessness of this beautiful place and wondering about the kinds of people who had been here before me.”

A native of the Midwest, Stephanie’s passion for the harp and composing music dates back to her childhood. She has been invited to collaborate with many musicians and has performed throughout the world including at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland as well as in France, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Ecuador and Costa Rica. An advocate of animal rights, she has rescued many cats from the animal pound. According to Bennett, “nature is where I sense the divine and infinite.”

Stephanie's solo albums on the At Peace® Music label include Avalon and Lumiere, and she also performed as part of the ensemble of acoustic musicians on many of Michael Benghiat's music recordings on the At Peace Music label.

"I want my music to help people shed their everyday worries and frustrations and connect with a feeling of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being and harmony." - Stephanie Bennett

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