Study in Color

Study in Color

Ken Elkinson
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Study in Pink
Study in Red
Study in Orange
Study in Yellow
Study in Green
Study in Blue
Study in Purple
Study in Brown
Study in Grey
Study in Black

Study in Color was inspired by Steven Halpern's Deep Theta series. Its ten tracks feature Rhodes electric piano combined with soothing ambient sounds. Ken's latest beautiful album is exclusive to At Peace Media and is suitable for massage, yoga and relaxation. TRT: 48:38

Ken Elkinson

Ken Elkinson saw his musical dreams come to fruition when he released his debut album of original piano solos in March, 1997. Entitled Midnight Conversation Ken's album had its roots in Pennsylvania at Muhlenberg College.  It was there that he found many comforts and sources of inspiration; the college's artistically minded, close-knit community and proximity to New York City helped shape Ken's outlook and composition.  Afther a short stint with a college rock band, Ken began preparing for his solo career during his junior year.  He credits much of his itinital songwriting success to Muhlenberg's stellar musical facilities.  "I never had to wait to play a beautiful baby grand piano, and this certainly kept the creative process flowing," recalls Ken.  Since then this prolific artist has created many ambient music albums which have become favorites amongst both massage therapists and their clients worldwide.

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