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Important updates for Android users! Are you experiencing problems? Is the music stopping?

Android 7.0 (Nougat) offers an enhanced power saving feature called Doze. This can have an adverse effect on apps running in the background or when the screen is off. Fortunately, you can turn this feature off for the At Peace Media Player. Your device may differ slightly, but the general steps are below: 

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device (Pull down the notifications shade, and tap the gear in the upper right corner, or find “Settings” in the App Drawer.)

2. Tap Battery.

3. Tap the “More” menu button and choose “Optimize battery usage.”

4. Tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select “All apps.”

5. Scroll down to the At Peace Media Player and turn the optimization off.

How does the trial work?

Sign up today and get 14 days for only 99 cents.  After that the regular subscription automatically kicks in.

What's the easiest way to subscribe?

The easiest way to get sighTUNES is to sign up for 1 device. Subscribe at, create your username/password and download the AT PEACE PLAYER from the App Store or the Google Play store,  sign in, download the music and play on your smart phone. Show me!

Why would I want 2 devices?

Do you want to listen in your home or office on a desktop/laptop and have access on your smartphone/tablet? Here's how: 1) place order on your desktop/laptop where you'll play music on a Fluxplayer. 2) download the At Peace Player on your smartphone/tablet. 3) sign onto 2nd device with email and password and download or transfer the content.

Where do I get the At Peace Player or Fluxplayer?

When you sign up for the service, you'll be directly prompted to download the At Peace Player. You can also  find links to the player for your computer or device here. You can also search for the At Peace Media Player in the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play stores, but you must subscribe at Show me!

If I have 2 devices, is it better to download content or transfer content from computer to smartphone or tablet?

Depends.  If you don't have Wi-fi or don't want to incur extra data usage fees, then transfer content using a USB cord.  Otherwide, you can download the content directly to your 2nd device.

Can I transfer the content to my mobile device?

You can transfer the content to your mobile device via Wi-Fi or USB. Just connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or make sure your computer and device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then open the At Peace Media Player on your mobile device and choose Transfer from computer. Next, open the Flux Player on the computer, highlight the content, and click the Copy button at the top of the player. Show me…

I downloaded and installed the Fluxplayer on my computer. Where do I find it?

Mac users can find the Flux Player in the Applications folder.  You can drag the Flux Player icon to the Dock to make it easier to access.

Windows 7 users can click on the Start menu and enter Flux Player in the Search field. After the Flux Player appears in the list, right-click and pin to the taskbar or send a shortcut to the desktop.

Windows 8 users can tap the Windows logo key (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) to pen the Apps screen. Locate the Flux Player and right-click to add the Flux Player to your Taskbar.


How do I access the content?

Content is downloaded and played using our At Peace Player. You can download the player for your computer or device by clicking here. Once you have downloaded and installed the player, open the player and sign-in with the same email and password used during purchase. The content will appear in the player and you can double-click to begin download and playback. Show me…

Can I randomize the music tracks?

Yes, you can elect to randomize the music mix, or listen to a specific track/album in a linear format.

What about AirPlay?

Yes! sighTUNES can be accessed via AirPlay.

When do I need an internet connection?

An internet connection is only required when downloading each monthly playlist. Do not play music while downloading. Once the content is fully downloaded, you can play the music anywhere, anytime without WiFi.

What if I lose my my internet connection during download?

If your download is suspended for any reason, simply double-click the title or right-click and select Resume Download.

What if I see a message about inadequate storage?

The content is downloaded to your computer or mobile device. If you see a message warning you that there is not enough storage, you will need to free up some storage space and try downloading again. The monthly content will be approximately 1 GB.

How can I change my email or credit card information?

1) Click here.

2) Choose Edit My Data from Options list

3) Make desired changes and click Save


What if I have a problem? Can I get help?

Making the request directly from within the player will help our team resolve your problem as quickly as possible. To submit a request, open the player and select Help from the menu and then choose Contact support. There will be an area for you to enter a detailed description of the problem. Make certain the checkbox is enabled and click Send. You can also contact us via the support link in your purchase receipt or email us directly.

How do I cancel my trial or subscription?

1) Click here

2) Choose Manage Subscriptions from Options List

3) Click on Cancel Subscription

Show me how easy it is.

When must I cancel my trial or subscription so that I am not charged for additional months?

A trial subscription must be cancelled anytime up to 1 day before the 14 day trial ends. An ongoing subscription can be cancelled any time.

Do I have to worry about paying ASCAP or BMI?

No! All music is "cleared at the source" which means we pay the artists and labels directly. You don't need to worry about a thing....

How much music do I get? Can I keep it?

You'll get 10 hours of music on the 1st of every month. That same day the previous month's playlist will disappear. You can listen to all 10 hours as much as you wish during the month.  All day and all night if you want!

How is the music refreshed each month? What do I have to do?

You'll be prompted to download the new music mix to your device(s) automatically each month.

Tell me again what devices sighTUNES will work on?

Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC! Oh, and Kindle Fire! 

How can I prevent music interruption if I get a text or phone call on my smart phone?

Good question!  If you put your iPhone or Android on AIRPLANE MODE during a session, the music won't be interrupted by an incoming text or phone call.

How can I prevent the music from randomly stopping?

Make sure that the ENTIRE playlist has been downloaded BEFORE you play it! 

If it still stops, try thses steps:

Quit the At Peace Player and re-open it.

Quit any apps that aren't necessary.

Try to keep at least 1 GB of free memory available on your device.

Restart your device.

Make sure you're are using the latest version of iOS.

Confirm you're using the latest version of the At Peace Media Playler.  To do so, open the App Store and tap Updates. If Updates are available, tap Update All.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, uninstall the At Peace Media Player and re-install. Once installed, sign in using the same email and password used to subscribe, and download the music content for the month.