6 MORE Tips for Giving an Amazing Relaxation Massage

Our last post, 6 Tips for Giving an Amazing Relaxation Massage, got such great feedback on social media that we felt a follow up was in order!

Giving a great relaxation massage is a finely honed skill, and we're thrilled to share tips from some of the most experienced and thoughtful practitioners we know.

Warm it all up
My friend Ed noted that a warm table is fabulous for relaxation massage, and Idael and Lorinda reminded us that a warm room is just as important. Not every client loves heat, so it's good to be mindful of client (and seasonal) preferences. A warm pillow under the head after you've worked the neck is a nice touch, too.

Decorate mindfully
Jennifer pointed out that a soothing color palette and no clutter are great ways to set the stage for a relaxing experience. If there's too much to look at (or too many knick-knacks collecting dust) I have trouble chilling out. If you need some ideas, check out our ebook Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Massage Therapy Practice: A First Impression Through the Five Senses.

Dia says, "I start by asking the client to take three deep breaths from their diaphragm (while I am connecting with them, by touching their shoulders)...People forget to breathe, including me sometimes."

Normally I shy away from telling anyone to breathe, or how to breathe. But sometimes you can just sense that a client needs a little nudge in the right direction. And just like Dia, sometimes I need a nudge. 

Relaxation doesn't always equal 'full body'
"Sometimes I really just want my back and hips worked, but the massage therapist is stuck in some whole body routine and feels like they need to work the rest of me. It's not that I want them to dig through and fix something there I just find it relaxing to have those areas thoroughly worked." My friend Tony nailed it here. Not everyone likes a full head-to-toe massage, it's vital to listen carefully and ask the right questions to determine what each client finds most relaxing.

Listen better
Know what's really, really relaxing? Being heard. And understood. Clients will feel comfortable when they know you've heard their requests and will adjust the treatment accordingly. During your verbal intake, clarify any questions and repeat back any special instructions. "Okay, no face today, extra time on the left leg." That will ensure you remember and the client feels heard. And if you're like me and forget everything almost immediately, it's a great memory trick.

Hey, we make all kinds of massage music over here, it would be silly to not bring it up! Matching the right music to the client and treatment is a skill. If you want to get really good at it, check out 5 Steps to Selecting Relaxing Massage Music.

We all have different taste and preferences, and some of us (or maybe just me?) tune it out and forget to change up the music until clients repeatedly say, "You must get tired of listening to the same thing all the time!"
Be sure you swap out a playlist regularly, or consider a streaming service like our sightunes that creates variety for you.

Do you have any more tips for giving great relaxation massage?