A 2017 Plan (and Planner) for Massage Therapists

A 2017 Plan (and Planner) for Massage Therapists


With a brand new year here, it can be daunting to think about all the changes needed to make 2017 a stand-out year. We’re here to help! We’ve broken down the year into bite size pieces, so it’s much more manageable. If you’re inspired, print this article and refer to it each month.


January: Revise your business plan and marketing

If you’re a goal setter, now is the time to put that dream into print. And if you don’t have a business plan, make one! There are plenty of resources available for small business owners. A good start is U.S. Small Business Administration. What’s working in your marketing? Track your marketing efforts, especially on social media, and compare month to month.


February: Find what you love.

What inspires you to show up everyday? Who are your ideal clients and the people who you want to serve? If you’ve thought of trying a different modality, get a massage from another therapist and see how it feels. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be helpful too. Make a plan to attend a conference or class and be around people who love the massage profession as much as you do.


March: Are your financials in order?

It’s almost  tax time! How’s it going so far? If you find yourself frustrated or flustered at the thought of rounding up receipts and crunching numbers, change it! Plan for next year so it’s not so much of a crunch. Starting now, implement systems and use them throughout the year, so you’re in order before tax time next year. Ask your tax preparer how you can finish the year strong.


April: Find your Tribe.

As the cold, wet weather breaks, start getting out and connected with like-minded business folks. An accountability partner might be just the thing to keep you focused and moving forward. They don’t have to be massage therapists either, sometimes someone on the opposite end of the spectrum can be the support you need. What matters is that you keep each other inspired and motivated.


May: Set boundaries.

Boundary setting can be super difficult, but it is the most important tool in keeping a healthy practice and avoiding burnout. Think about what you absolutely must have in your life and the things you can’t stand. Don’t feel guilty about enforcing boundaries. They are what keep you healthy and happy for a long, successful career.


June: Encourage self-care by doing it.

Take a day, take a weekend, or even just a morning to yourself. Make it a routine and know that it’s okay to let your clients know that you are walking the talk. Actions always speak louder.


July: Revisit your goals.

You’re at a halfway point. How much progress you’ve made in the last six months? How will you handle the rest of the year? Do your goals still fit? If you’ve accomplished your goals or have outgrown the ones you made at the beginning of the year, now is a good time to revise them and apply the lessons you’ve learned to your future goals. Let’s make the rest of this year rock!


August: What are your strengths?

Write down your five greatest strengths. Focus on these strengths to use to your advantage to complete the tasks that most get in your way. Maybe you’ve got great hands-on skills, but your business skills are lacking. Put those hands to use and barter with a business savvy friend.


September: Learn something new.

No matter the stage of your life, it’s hard not to think of school in September. Buses are everywhere. The air shifts and leans toward fall temperatures. The schedule changes and settles in after the summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to jump-start your own education. What have you been waiting to dive into?


October: Get outdoors.

October is the calm before the storm. The holidays are around the bend and it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and get outdoors before winter sets in. In most areas, the leaves are lovely this time of year. Take a good hike and get back into your body after all that learning you did in September!


November: Find Gratitude.

We have so much to be grateful for… we are gifted with the ability to help people in their health journey. In some cases, we might be the only person a client sees that actually gives them time. Or care. Sometimes we are the only ones giving them a caring touch.  This month focus on being present with those around you.  It’s also a good time to give back to your community, take time out of your schedule or volunteer for an organization that you are passionate about. Your efforts will be appreciated and positively impact someone else’s life.


December: Set goals for 2018.

Reflect on your year. How did you do? How have you grown? List your successes. List your downfalls. What can you do to learn from your mistakes in 2018? Now, is the perfect time to plan your goals for 2018 and while you’re at it, make a five and ten-year goal as well. Break down the big goals into smaller, more manageable steps. And here’s the hard part, plug them into your schedule for next year. Zig Ziglar says, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Take this coming year by the reins and watch what happens.


In case you missed it, the idea for 2017 is balance. Stay active, stay thoughtful and stay involved in your growth. What would you add? Post in the comments!