A Few of Our Favorite Massage Things

I know that The Sound of Music isn’t actually a Christmas movie. But it was often on TV around the holidays, and it was the very first VHS tape (well, two tapes) I got the year we got a VCR as a family gift. So, it’s a holiday movie to me.

In the spirit of the holidays, and of Julie Andrews’ preference for blue satin sashes and schnitzel with noodles, John, Sherry and I came up with a list of our very favorite massage things.

Pure Pro Massage Products 

Dianna Dapkins started making Pure Pro oils, lotions, and creams 24 years ago as a massage student with super sensitive skin. She created all of the Pure Pro product out of her own massage therapy practice with textures that give you complete control for precision trigger point work, clean cushioning for relaxation massage and soothing lotions for hands and face. Every single ingredient is hand selected and tested for purity and potency. The products are made in the USA, cruelty free, and really well labeled, so you know if something is scented or contains nut oil (most of the products aren’t and don’t).

Research Perch

We've been fans of the Massage Therapy Foundation for years, but this year we're especially fond of their podcast, the Research Perch. In each episode, Ruth Werner and Niki Munk dive into a specific article from the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (IJTMB) and unpack it so you know how it applies to you. They make research easy to understand and accessible to all!

Mother Earth Pillows

I started using Mother Earth Pillows a few years ago and they've improved my practice greatly. I wear a shoulder wrap whenever I’m at my desk and almost constantly at home. I use the pillows in my massage (a client described it as “being hugged by a warm angel”) and, after much begging from my clients, I now retail them at the office. They are super high quality, long-lasting and roughly a zillion times better than the microwavable wraps people get at a mall kiosk.


It’s no secret that we love music around here. And just like you, we love a variety of music. That’s why we created sighTUNES. The music mixes are curated by human beings (not by robots or computers). The artists and tracks are chosen with you and your clients in mind. Every month a fresh 10 hour playlist is available to download to your device and play at your will.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

With the largest community in massage and bodywork, ABMP membership combines insurance, resources and education. ABMP members get discounts on all sorts of massage supplies, equipment and services (including sighTUNES!) and endless business building tools and webinars.

MassageNerd’s stock photos

Ryan Hoyme’s been giving to the massage community since he became a therapist almost 20 years ago. He’s stocked his YouTube channel with thousands of video tutorials and interviews with leaders in the profession. He seems to be everywhere, really. But we’re really enchanted with his massage stock photos nowadays. They are realistic, beautiful, and offer diversity in gender, race and technique that you just can’t find anywhere else. He’s got some available for free, and a whole bunch of packages for sale, too.  

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

We really respect the NCBTMB’s goal to elevate the profession by recognizing and encouraging excellence in schools, continuing education, therapist competency and high standards. We feel our partnership with the NCBTMB can only help reach that goal sooner, and that serves all in the profession. Board Certified massage therapists enjoy 50% off our  9 CE Hour bundles and 30% off individual CE classes. (You can learn more about that discount here.)

What are your favorite massage 'things'? Share in the comments!