Bring a little more peace on earth

In the 15 years since At Peace Media came into being, the face of the massage world has experienced enormous growth and change.

Our very first video project was the Esalen Massage DVD, created in 1997. During the production we got to know 30-40 massage therapists, all of them incredibly caring and dedicated bodyworkers. Their passion was more convincing than any book that the power of touch could bring healing to the world.

When we first started producing video programming, massage was not hugely popular, nor well-known. (And what was in the public consciousness wasn’t positive, to say the least.) Through personal experiences (who doesn’t love massage after receiving a few?), we learned how effective massage could be at reducing stress and improving well-being, and it quickly became part of our mission at At Peace Media to change those unfavorable opinions and promote massage in a positive light.

It wasn’t long before we learned about the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF), and its mission to advance the knowledge and practice of massage by supporting scientific research, education, and community service. It was clear then as it is now that the MTF provides a very necessary bridge between the world of massage therapy and the general public, which is still in the beginning stages of understanding the power of massage and the relief it can bring.

Needless to say, support for the Massage Therapy Foundation became an essential part of our business. From simple financial support, to a Spirit CD series created as part of a donation program, to our Creative Director, Jan Liverance, serving on the MTF’s Marketing Committee for several years as a volunteer, we’re proud to say that we have supported the Massage Therapy Foundation over ten years, and hope to continue for the next ten as well!

In October we attended the AMTA Convention in Raleigh and were honored to attend the MTF reception and received a plaque in recognition of our annual donation. We were thrilled to take a photo with President Ruth Werner, but the real star of the evening was Tina Allen, who received the 2012 Humanitarian Award for her extensive work in the field of pediatric massage. Her statement, “It is my belief that with nurturing, compassion and touch therapy, children will develop and reach their full potential,” was a brilliant reminder of why we give to the MTF annually, and how powerful massage can be in changing lives.

At this time of the year when we speak of peace, generosity and thankfulness with such frequency, we’d like to encourage everyone in the massage community to join us in our support for the Massage Therapy Foundation. Whether you make a donation, take a class, volunteer, or simply make use of the abundant resources the MTF has made available, your actions can help us all bring a little more peace on earth.