Buddha Hand or Bartlett pear?

Cruising our cart through fruits and veggies at the grocery store, we saw something that stopped us in our tracks – a Buddha Hand. We couldn’t decide if it was beautiful or ugly and who knew what it tasted like, much less what we were supposed to do with it. But it smelled divine – a lemony fragrance – and with a name like Buddha Hand, how could we resist?

Could it have been the delicious fragrance?  The name – Buddha Hand? Or perhaps the wild finger-like projections on the Buddha fruit?  But it got us thinking about how new music (like a new food discovery) can perk up even a dreary or boring day.

How often do you add new music to your playlists? Do you play the same music over and over for your clients?  Are you getting bored with albums and tracks that used to be favorites? Have you any music playlists that feel as exotic and inspiring as a Buddha Hand?

Or are your music playlists sounding about as fresh and new as say, a placid-looking Bartlett pear?  Why not explore a more exotic musical landscape in the New Year? We’re smitten with Karunesh, a musician who manages to blend modern recording techniques with timeless melodies. His global musical palette includes instruments as exotic as a Buddha Hand – sitar, Didgeridoo, Bouzouki, Tampura, Wave Drum and more.

We’ve added three of our favorite Karunesh albums – Global Village, Global Spirit and Colors of the East to our selection of albums at At Peace Music. This global fusion music is highly recommended for yoga, lounge, entertaining and just relaxing.

“Music is the one language in the world that everybody understands – in all cultures, religions and beliefs. Rhythm is food for the body, melodies for the heart and atmospheres to feed the soul. My music should touch the listener at all three levels.”   Karunesh

Listen to some clips and decide for yourself!