Summer time is music chill time!

“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.” – Anais Nin

Summer splashRecord high summer temperatures leaving you in a sweat? Time to cool and refresh your body, mind and spirit with music that will make you feel energized, grounded and chilled. If you haven’t visited At Peace Music lately, you’ve been missing out on new additions. We’ve also amped up our music search function; easily find what you’re looking for by instrument, style, artist or use.

Check out these summer music ideas and then create your own music soundscape:

1.  Time to chill . . .

Chill Albums Buddha Chill, Yogi Chill and Tantric Chill offer hypnotic musical journeys with transglobal electronica, tribal rhythms, flutes and exotic chants. These downtempo music albums offer beat mixed music, ideal for energetic Yoga, spa lounge, active meditation, working out or your next cocktail party!

2. Cooling waters

Water Spirit, Forest Rain, Ocean Suite and Natural Sounds Gold bring the cooling sounds of nature right to you – wherever you are. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in an exotic jungle or on a romantic tropical beach. Enjoy the relaxation of nature sounds.

3.  Natural high

Serena’s Garden, Nature’s Gift, Aleutian Meditation and The Chesapeake Bay offer lush, soothing musical compositions designed to slow the rhythms of the body and the nervous system. Natural sounds are blended artfully into music that will quiet your mind and create a deep sense of well-being.

4. Global yoga groove

Yoga Pulse Cover Chakra Yoga Meditation, Global Village, Rose for the Dust, Yoga Pulse, Yoga Rhythm and Yoga Groove offer the ultimate Yoga meets chill experience. These albums offer sublime yoga music that you’ll want to listen to all summer for a lot more than just yoga.

5. Harmony

No summertime chill list is complete without Harmony, the soundtrack to the award-winning Esalen© Massage Video. Since it was released in 1997, this album has elevated the relaxation music genre and continues to be a best-seller with music venues that offer At Peace Music.

For summertime listening we also recommend these Michael Benghiat albums:  EARTH spirit, SKY spirit, Flow, Meditation, Serena and Transformation.

Stay cool!