These Are a Few Of Massage Therapist’s Favorite Things

Maria in The Sound of Music taught her small charges to sing about "a few of their favorite things." Of course, we like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, too, but we thought it would be fun to ask Massage Therapists to send us a few of their "favorite things" that they love to use every day in the treatment room.

Add yours in the comments. We would love to hear product recommendations, tips for the best kinds of sheets or oils, and some of your tricks for saving money on your favorite things!

Gunther Luken, LMT
Massage Therapist at Chicagoland Comprehensive Care

Favorite things: "I have found that clients prefer simple to too crowded, walking into a room that feels peaceful. As for my tools, my oils, music, graston tool, my portable light dock (they love this gadget when supine) and table with sheets of course! A few other things maybe by request, like a robe, a towel, or special sounds, but the first five are my essentials!"

Timothy E. Marable
AOS, LMT, CMT owner Evolutionary Health Massage USA

Favorite things: "I have a personal blend of massage oil which my clients have labeled 'The Potion.' In the reception area there is an array of love plants grouped together that get the client to focus. They are situated about 4 feet in front of the client seating. They often comment on how well they grow with very limited lighting. I also have custom aromatherapy blends."

Christina Hagan
Co-Owner of Healthy Steps

Favorite things: "I love my essential oils and tuning forks. Work like magic. Now that I have them, couldn't do a session without them."

Anna Diaz
Mind and Body Massage Therapist

Favorite things: "I try to be eco-friendly, which is why I use Method laundry detergent and Lotus Touch Organics.

I also need to be smart with my money, and use products which can handle the wear and tear of my profession. Walmart to the rescue.

Mainstay flour sack towels 5pk $4.98.

I hate the scent of lavender, but discovered if I add a drop onto the flour sack towels, it diffuses the scent and only the client can smell it--thank goodness.

As we all know, luxury is essential:
Kur Memory Foam Face Cradle Pad
Fieldcrest Egyptian Cotton 600ct Sheets"

Jyoti Amin, LMT

Favorite things: "I love soft lighting, with candles and the use of my Samsung tablet. There is an app called Mixer that I use to create my own playlist of music."

Mei Leslie, LMT, NCMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Favorite things: "Table warmer is a must; salt lamp with dimmer switch adds a soft glow and purifies the air; in fact all lights in my room have dimmers; a soft, durable area rug under and around the table so clients need not step onto hard wood floors and it keeps noise down."

What are a few of your favorite things! Add them in the comments below.