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Thai Sports Massage for Low Back, Hip, & Sciatica Pain

Heath & Nicole Reed
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Practice "Fearless Draping"  to confidently move and dynamically stretch your clients' bodies. Thai Sports Massage offers therapeutic techniques to help alleviate sports-related aches and pains. Likewise, moving your client on the table is equally therapeutic for more sedentary populations as you counteract the harmful impact of non-movement that results from long periods of sitting. Sometimes referred to as "Lazy Man's Yoga", Thai Sports Massage allows clients to receive yoga-like stretches without any effort, which enhances their Proprioceptive awareness and assists in prolonging the benefits of the bodywork. We will focus on addressing the common complaints of low back pain, L5-S1 Compression, Sacro-Iliac (SI) Joint discomfort, Facet injuries, and Real and Pseudo-Sciatica pain. Experience the potent power of moving your client throughout their 3-dimensional potential in this simple, easy, and fun 3-hour workshop with Heath and Nicole!

Heath & Nicole Reed

Heath & Nicole Reed

Heath Reed has studied at the feet of some of the greatest masters of healing, yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Since 2000, Heath has team-taught bodywork and movement therapy with his wife, and inspiration, Nicole Errico, at local and national seminars and conferences, and has been published in leading massage publications. Their multidisciplinary seminars are technique-rich within the context that emphasizes "Presence is more important than technique."

In addition to teaching bodywork, Heath teaches weekly yoga and Qi Gong classes and contributed to the creation of Healing Emphasis Yoga (HEY) and Five-Element Yoga Therapy. In all his classes, Heath blends traditional methods for the modern healer, with simple practices that build, restore, and transmit "vital life force" to foster wellness for therapists and their clients.

Nicole Errico-Reed distills essential healing practices from her studies with masters across the globe and then teaches techniques that "Feel Good to Give and Feel Good to Receive." Together with her husband, Heath, she has pioneered multiple integrative courses, like Table Thai Yoga Massage, Medical Massage, Hands Free Therapies, and many others. Nicole and Heath have been referred to as a "cosmic couple", team-teaching across the country offering seminars influenced by their studies in Asia, Europe, the Pacific and North America. Through her uniquely modern application of ancient practices, Nicole helps therapists activate presence to augment the benefits in their bodywork.

Nicole's training extends beyond bodywork through her work as a Doula and Yoga instructor. Her intention is to provide a mindful approach to the body that emphasizes the healing power of movement therapies to create a pain-free body. You can catch them both in action in their Table Thai Yoga Massage DVD, Smiling Organ Meditation Audio CD and in their book Table Thai Yoga Massage (in press).

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