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TFT June 2012

"And yes, all presentations were fabulous. I have been using some of the techniques with great success. I've been in the business for enough years now that it's hard to find seminars that I find applicable to the type of work I prefer to do & this was a nice balance of "styles" to add to the mix so it doesn't feel like you just turn on auto pilot & give the same massage all the time! I will look for other trainings done by you to fulfill my future CEU requirements." - Jean C

"So far, I am truly enjoying the presentation.  So much valuable information. Currently, I am watching Val Guin – Neck and Shoulder Release via Micro-Systems.  AWESOME!" - Rhonda F

"I really enjoyed the series of lectures that you organized; I thought the instructors were highly qualified, I liked the variety of topics presented and the fee for the tuition was perfect. I see that there are 2 upcoming webinars planned but I would like to see even more opportunities. I was impressed by the one that you had just organized. I live in Juneau, Alaska and Anchorage is the only place in this large state where continuing education is offered. For Massage Therapists elsewhere, it means having to defray for a flight, hotel, and meals on top of the tuition fees. I would gladly put the word out to promote your webinars. I intend to take the ones you will organized.

Thank you for this great opportunity!

"- Danielle Beckstrom, 
Second Vice-President AMTA - Alaska Chapter

"This is a wonderful way to obtain CEU’s. I enjoyed the 2 sessions I was able to sit in on yesterday and look forward to viewing the others. Please keep me on your email list so that I may utilize this relaxed yet highly effective learning experience in the future." - Marcy R, NCTMB

TFT March 2012

"Thank you for this opportunity. As a new mom with massage therapy taking a back seat (for a while), your webinar is the best way I have found to keep in touch with the massage therapist in me. It is the only way I am able to take classes with such important people in this field.." -- Kimberly H.

"Love the webinars!!" -- Sue C.

"The last webinar was great! Thanks for telling me about this one!" -- Miriam M.

"Webinar is an amazing idea to learn new techniques, love it! !!!!" -- Maria S.

"I really enjoyed the last Tools for Touch Webinar and appreciate the flexibility of watching the videos on your own time and in the comfort of your own home/office." -- Yvonne S.

TFT October 2011

"Thanks for offering this webinar. Looking forward to increasing my knowledge and skills." -- Nick

"Looking forward to my first Webinar and hopefully there will be another in Feb. 2012." - Nena L.

"This is a great idea - I look forward to the experience. Will be viewing this from Trinidad" - Natasha P.

 "This is a great way to get information/education and ceu's when travel is not an option." - Becki S.

"This Webinar looks very interesting and am glad for the email messages from Massage Magazine." - Vicki S.

"Thanks John for your kind reply. I appreciate the way you have organized this. I still use the videos from the last conference." - Jon B.

"Thanks for the opportunity. I've been a fan of @Peace for a number of years." - Anne F.

Earlier webinars

"I learned lots of new things, even after my work as a therapist for a dozen years." - Lisa

"I really enjoyed the webinar today! Thank you for all the presenters."  - Julie

"Thank you for your prompt service in helping me out. I appreciate it.  The webinar classes were awesome, I really enjoyed them." - Lady