Online Classes


Will my state accept Tools for Touch™ CEU's?

Since massage CE regulations differ in each state, contact your state board of massage to be sure your hard-earned hours don't bounce. Please note that all TFT instructors are NCBTMB-approved providers.
Check the ABMP regulation map or view the PDF version.

I prefer in-person courses. How are Tools for Touch classes similar?

More than you might think.
Imagine a lecture-style class: you sit in a chair and listen, read, and observe the instructor's perfected technique, or collect a few worksheets, diagrams, or a print-out of PowerPoint slides... All of this is possible, and even more, with Tools for Touch. You see, hear, read, and you're urged to follow along during demonstrations!

Since you're watching a recording of the instructor, will you feel like you can't ask questions or comment on how beautifully he or she presented the topic? No! We include contact information just for our participants.

After class, review what you've learned, and let us know if you can smell success.

What's different about Tools for Touch classes, compared to in-person?

Well... being late is literally impossible. No one can block your view of the demonstrations. You can stop time; pause your instructor mid-sentence... then re-wind that last thing she said. When you can't hear, crank the volume up. You can even leave without missing a beat. And if you'd like, watch it four more times, just to make sure you've got it down. Let us know what you think of a class by clicking here.

How do I take a Tools for Touch™ class?

Registration is easy. Pick a class that intrigues you and add to your shopping cart. Please allow up to 48 hours for receipt of your online CE class/quiz access.

How much time do I need to set aside to complete a Tools for Touch class?

Everyone's different, but it can take as little as an hour and a half to watch the whole presentation, take your quiz and print the certificate. Take your time, or get it done in one sitting. The possibilities are endless.

What kind of technology do I need in order to participate?

You can watch the presentations on any computer with high-speed internet connection and an up-to-date FlashPlayer. You'll also want to find a printer for any handouts, and your certificate. Be sure to save a PDF version of your CE certificate for your records.

I registered for an upcoming course bundle, but I can't participate at the LIVE event. Can I watch it later?

Absolutely. Each class is recorded and archived for on-demand viewing. Stop and start the class as often as you need to.

How are the quizzes conducted?

You'll take the quiz online after viewing the whole presentation to your satisfaction. Quiz access is located in your TFT access email. If you have trouble, please contact us!

How do I get the CE Certificate once I pass the quiz?

After you pass the quiz a certificate will instantly be emailed to the address you provide on the quiz start screen. Results and score breakdowns are available upon completion of the quiz.

When does my course expire?

You now have unlimited viewing access to each and every class you take. We know you've got a tight schedule, so we're flexible!

The price of a class bundle is all-inclusive: You get ALL classes and certificates, plus unlimited viewing access.

I'm an NCBTMB Certificant. How do I take advantage of your exclusive partnership benefits on CE classes?

We're pleased to offer all NCBTMB Certificants an exclusive discount on our one-of-a-kind online massage CE classes. With our partnership, you will be able to save 50% on all of our 9-CE hour Class Bundles, and take an additional 30% off all of our Single Classes. Click here to learn more or to start saving now!