Detaching the World Vol. 1

Detaching the World Vol. 1

Emil Gagliardi

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Track Title
Tranquil Sunrise
Deep Unknown
The Valley Beyond
Fallen Angel

Composer and musician Emil Gagliardi created the Detaching the World CD series to provide the massage therapy community with the ideal musical environment for massage.  Detaching the World Vol. 1, offers a tranquil and impressionistic blend of electric and acoustic guitar that mesmerizes the listener without seeming intrusive or sleep-inducing. Designed as massage music to enhance a feeling of peace and calmness. Highly recommended for massage and spa, meditation, reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga, relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Note: Rain sounds mixed into the end of track three and the beginning of track four unobtrusively evoke a connection to the random harmony of nature.

"Detaching the World has a sound designed to help create an inner journey to a place of peace and tranquility." - The Charleston Post & Courier

Emil Gagliardi

Emil Gagliardi founded Connecting the Universe Music in 2000. He is the composer, guitarist and creator of the Detaching the World CD series.

Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Gagliardi has been actively engaged with sound and music since the age of five. Honing his knowledge of tone and instrumental harmony is one of his lifelong missions, and he has embraced a wide array of musical genres while broadening his exploration of both acoustic and electric guitars. Emil’s musical explorations in the relaxation and ambient music genre have been enriched by his collaboration with licensed massage therapist Melanie Schreiber. Ms. Schreiber uses the DETACHING THE WORLD CD series in her healing practice. In addition to sharing the music with her clients, she also serves as creative muse and musical advisor for Connecting the Universe Music.

"Imagine a peaceful journey to a place where time and space are infinite and you are enveloped by a tranquil energy . . . this is my creative vision for Detaching the World, a CD series of meditative guitar music inspired by the wonder of nature which I hope helps you to 'detach' from worldly cares and concerns." - Emil Gagliardi

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