Healing Sanctuary

Healing Sanctuary

Dean Evenson

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Track Title
Peace Like a River
Calming Insight of Ourselves
A Moment to Carry You Forever
Quietly Floating Home
Where the Joys Are
Open Heaven's Door I Want to Calm Within
Center of My Heart
Mending Your Own Mind

Enter a healing sanctuary of sound and let the soul experience shelter from the storms of life.  You may find this album an enjoyable addition to a collection of massage music. In this calm haven, deeply soothing music of flutes, harps and nature sounds create healing relief, even in the midst of personal or planetary turmoil. In this place of serenity, one may begin the process of self-restoration and finding inner peace.  A personal sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation can be of great benefit for personal health as well as for the health of family and community. This music is designed to create a space where one can ‘simply be.’ It is not about a physical place so much as a psychological space – an environment of peace where one can naturally take a deep breath, let out a long sigh, and let go of the worries and cares of the day. In this musical sanctuary, one can recharge and rejuvenate. By allowing the soul and spirit the refuge of peace, one can reach out and have a positive effect on planetary harmony.  Peace is more than the absence of war or violence. Peace is a state of mind, a way of being. Peace is how one feels inside. One’s state of inner peace affects personal health and well-being as well as the world outside. To counteract the tendencies that sabotage our health, we need to find ways to clear our minds and restore our spirit. This peaceful, musical sanctuary can help bring balance and harmony into one’s life.  This music is dedicated to all who have suffered at the hand of violence.  Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation.

Dean Evenson

Dean Evenson is one of the true visionaries of the Ambient/New Age musical genre–a prolific musician and composer, an entrepreneur, media pioneer and the co-founder of Billboard-charting independent music label, Soundings of the Planet.

At every turn, Evenson’s life has taken bold steps in new and exciting directions. The success and pioneering nature of his creative work attest to a dynamic personality and a life-long commitment to the positive evolution of life on this planet in relationship with the natural and spiritual world. Evenson’s story is that of an artist, technological innovator, broad-minded thinker–a modern-day Renaissance man.

Music, nature and spirituality were a part of Evenson’s life from a very early age. Growing up in Staten Island, New York as part of a musical, church-going family, Dean learned to play flute and piano, and played and sang in all types of school, church and community orchestras, bands and choirs. His affinity for music also found expression in a deep, abiding love of nature. Borrowing his elder brother’s recording equipment, Dean would often place a microphone outside his bedroom window to capture the crash of thunderstorms. While on an early bird-watching trip with the pastor of his church, Dean learned to appreciate the wonderful, musical complexity of bird-songs. From that point on, music, nature and spirituality became the primary threads with which Evenson wove the fabric of his life.

You don’t notice those things when you’re young unless they’re pointed out to you. Hearing them for the first time like that changed my whole perspective on what nature was and what I thought about sound.” - Dean Evenson

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