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CHAIR Massage

Connie Scholl
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Connie Scholl built a sizeable corporate chair massage practice from scratch and in the process introduced thousands of corporate office workers to the benefits of seated chair massage.

How did she do it? Marketing Here's what customers of this video program say:  "this program shows how to market chair massage to different groups", "the marketing information is good", "Connie Scholl is sharp at marketing". Whether or not you currently employ chair massage in your practice, you may find some useful marketing advice on building your customer base. 


  • Tips and pointers for building your chair massage practice
  • Ideas about hiring employees to work for you
  • Helpful information about compensation
  • An insider’s tips on referrals


Connie Scholl

Connie Scholl earned her license in massage therapy and created a thriving corporate chair massage practice by employing excellent marketing skills, many of which were self-taught and learned on the job as she worked hard to build her business in a competitive market.

Starting with less than $1000, but filled with self-confidence and technical expertise learned in massage school, Connie grew her business slowly and steadily. She and her professional staff of massage therapists introduced seated chair massage to thousands of corporate employees in businesses in Fairfield County, CT through her company, Greenwich Muscular Therapy. 


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