Mountain Light

Mountain Light

Rob Whitesides-Woo
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Mountain Light, by musician/composer Rob Whitesides-Woo is an exquisite tapestry of songs spanning international cultures. This massage music is a perfect selection for relaxation music to be used in a variety of settings including meditation and reading.  Exotic flutes, bowed and plucked strings, acoustic and electronic instruments create a compelling and graceful album.

Rob Whitesides-Woo

Rob Whitesides-Woo lives near Aspen, Colorado. Known for his depth and beauty as a musician, Rob uses harps, flutes, bowed & plucked strings, and exotic instruments, capturing grace and elegance.

He uses his birth name of Woo Du-An for his work as a Shaman, Healer, and Spiritual Guide. The same spirit that guides his work as a healer infuses his popular music for massage, spa, and relaxation. Whitesides-Woo is known for music that is truly peaceful and relaxing, yet stirring.

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