Colors of the East

Colors of the East


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Track Title
Dervish Dream
The Beloved
Bollywood Delight
Back Again (remix)
Goa Sunset

When you travel to the East, especially India, you take a journey full of wonder. You enter a world of mysticism and spirituality, so vibrant and alive. The tracks on this album, Colors of the East, by Karunesh offer a timeless musical fusion of ancient culture and modern sensibility that will transport you to lands of enchantment and dreams.

*Album download only - not individual album tracks.

Instruments include:  Oud, Sitar, Bansuri, Violin, Duduk, Dobro
Vocals:  Yes, on tracks 2,3,8
Genre: World Fusion

Total Run Time: 53:14


"Karunesh's latest world-fusion album captures the magic and wonders of India. Enter into a world of mysticism and spirituality and experience a musical journey through the timeless dessert sands to the modern day India of Bollywood. 'Colors of the East' is a musical celebration of the wonders of India. A great new album from award winning artist Karunesh."


Karunesh is a New Age pioneer musician and composer. His name translates from Sanskrit  as 'compassion'. The musician/artist was born in Cologne, Germany but lives in Hawaii and all of his music reflects an intertwining of traditional world music and contemporary sounds. Karunesh's special gift is his ability to merge modern recording techniques and technological advancements with timeless melodies.  We're enchanted with his tremendous sensitivity to breaking through cultural barriers with his music. Some call it Worldbeat, some World Fusion, but under any name, it is the future of music. 

"Music is the one 'language' in the world that everybody understands; across all cultures, religions and beliefs. Music for body, heart and soul." - Karunesh

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