Global Spirit

Global Spirit


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Call Of The Tribes (Remix)
Ancient Secrets
Native Rituals
Kubula Ma
Bombay Pure
Earthsong (Reprise)

Are you a cultural nomad at heart? Global Spirit* offers a compilation of World Fusion music composed, arrranged and played by world-famous New Age musician/composer Karunesh. Many guest vocalists, ranging from Middle Eastern to Indian. Guest appearances by Nicolas Kern on didgeridoo, Don Lax on violin and Govi on sitar.  

*Album download only - not individual album tracks.

Inspiration: Ceremonial music, incorporated within religious rites, public gatherings, dance and story telling predates recorded history and, according to certain theories, may predate human speech.

Instruments:  Violin, Sitar, Didgeridoo, Bouzouki, native Flute, Chinese Temple Flutes, Tampura, Bamboo Flute, Percussion and Wave Drum

Total run time:  62:56

Highly recommended for:  yoga, lounge, relaxation, chill

"I want to go beyond the limits and barriers between different cultures, mixing different musical styles and letting them flow and dance together. Rhythm is the food of the body; melodies for the heart and atmosphers feed the soul." - Karunesh


"The quality of this CD is outstanding. The many guest vocalists ranging from Middle Eastern to Indian singers, elevate the level of intimacy these songs bring to the listener."

"This music is transcendental. I can't think of any other way to describe it. I get a deep spiritual feeling from the music each time I listen to it. I can always count on this CD to put my head and heart in the right place. I've shared this CD with friends and family and almost everyone has mentioned to me sometime later how much they enjoy the music. It seems to touch a part of ourselves that longs for a connection with something larger than our little ego selves and confirms humanity as community, despite borders and distance."

"This CD is amazing! The music is so beautiful, unique, and moving! It's rich exotic rhythms are unforgettable! This is one of the best world music CDs!"


Karunesh is a New Age pioneer musician and composer. His name translates from Sanskrit  as 'compassion'. The musician/artist was born in Cologne, Germany but lives in Hawaii and all of his music reflects an intertwining of traditional world music and contemporary sounds. Karunesh's special gift is his ability to merge modern recording techniques and technological advancements with timeless melodies.  We're enchanted with his tremendous sensitivity to breaking through cultural barriers with his music. Some call it Worldbeat, some World Fusion, but under any name, it is the future of music. 

"Music is the one 'language' in the world that everybody understands; across all cultures, religions and beliefs. Music for body, heart and soul." - Karunesh

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