Global Village

Global Village


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Track Title
Prayer Of Joy
Orient Express
Earth Spirit
Helele Ma
Arabian Nights
Beyond Heaven (Remix)
Om Namo
Krishna's Song

The album, Global Village*, by multi-talented musician/composer Karunesh offers a musical vision of a unified world where all different cultures can meet and merge, supporting and enriching each other.

Instruments: Guitar, Oud, Bansuri, Indian violin, Vocals, Lute

Total run time:  51:12

*Album download only - not individual album tracks.


"I really like the variety of sounds and moods on this album which convey more of a zest for life than many recordings of this type."

"Destined to become a classic release, withstanding the test of time like the purest musical treasures of our time."

"The upbeat interplay of diverse cultures meeting in harmony once again reflects Karunesh's inspired artistry. All of this clearly influences Global Village: sensual dance grooves, the island spirit, globe spanning instrumentation with a strong Indian influence, and refreshing ambient sound. Renowned for his emotionally rich ambient music Karunesh takes us a little further on a moving and meaningful journey."

Musician quote:

"I want to go beyond the limits and barriers between different cultures by mixing different musical styles - letting them flow and dance together.  Music is the one language in the world that everybody understands - in all cultures, religions and beliefs. Rhythm is food for the body, melodies for the heart and atmospheres to feed the soul. My music should tough the listener at all three levels."  - Karunesh


Karunesh is a New Age pioneer musician and composer. His name translates from Sanskrit  as 'compassion'. The musician/artist was born in Cologne, Germany but lives in Hawaii and all of his music reflects an intertwining of traditional world music and contemporary sounds. Karunesh's special gift is his ability to merge modern recording techniques and technological advancements with timeless melodies.  We're enchanted with his tremendous sensitivity to breaking through cultural barriers with his music. Some call it Worldbeat, some World Fusion, but under any name, it is the future of music. 

"Music is the one 'language' in the world that everybody understands; across all cultures, religions and beliefs. Music for body, heart and soul." - Karunesh

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