Michael Benghiat
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Treat yourself to OASIS, Mediterranean inspired massage music featuring the soulful and sensuous sounds of the duduk, an Armenian wind instrument made from apricot wood, the oud, a stringed instrument like a Middle-Eastern lute, and the violin. Although he is accomplished on the guitar, piano and many stringed instruments, for OASIS, Michael chose not to play any of the instruments on this album. Instead, the composed the haunting and hypnotic compositions and assembled a talented cast of world-class musicians to perform them including Yuval Ron on the oud, George Hamad on violin and Norik Manovkian on the duduk. 

Michael Benghiat

A Santa Monica native, Michael Benghiat has experienced a multicultural musical palette since childhood. Accomplished on both the piano and guitar, Michael grew up in a home surrounded by music, with parents who not only treasured music but encouraged learning about music from a variety of cultural and ethnic heritages.This early exposure to the enduring folk traditions of Greek, Sephardic, Spanish, and Middle Eastern music as well as to classical orchestral music helped forge Michael’s unique musical sensibility. Michael’s curiosity and interest in non-western musical instruments and traditions finds expression today in his study and collection of exotic acoustic instruments from around the world. His ongoing explorations of musical culture are a natural extension of his BA degree and graduate level work in classical music composition at UCLA. The author of several books on the guitar, Michael’s work as a musician and composer reflects his desire to “reach more people than I can teach one-on-one.”

"I enjoy creating music that leads you inward.  We all find ourselves refreshed by just the simple act of stopping for a moment and really relaxing.  I try to create a musical world that facilitates this." - Michael Benghiat

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