Ultimate Natural Sounds: inspiring Thunderstorm

Ultimate Natural Sounds: inspiring Thunderstorm

Llewellyn & Niall

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Listen to distant rumblings and crackles of a warm summer thunderstorm. This album, Ultimate Natural Sounds: Inspiring Thunderstorm, was recorded, balanced and mixed by top producers Llewellyn & Niall.

TRT: One hour

Highly recommended for:  relaxation music, sleep, healing arts environments, stress-relief

The Ultimate Natural Sounds Series is about creating calm natural atmospheres without sudden loud noises or unpleasant interruptions. Recorded by Niall on location on Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire, UK in the summer of 2008.

Llewellyn & Niall

Niall, pronounced "nee-al" is a Celtic name meaning Champion. Niall is a writer & producer of World, Relaxation and New Age music.

He started his musical journey at the age of 7, playing the recorder. His introduction to a recording studio in 1984 ignited a passion for synths/samplers and sound design. Another passion is location recording. Niall's first location recording albums have been released as part of the Ultimate Natural Sounds series, produced in association with Llewellyn; they include, Calming Seas, Tranquil Birdsong, Birdsong by the Stream and Inspiring Thunderstorm.

Recorded on location throughout the UK by Niall, the Ultimate Natural Sounds albums offer a series of natural soundscapes for relaxation & meditation. Each album was recorded with state of the art recording equipment for optimum sound and transparency.

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