Natural Sounds Gold

Natural Sounds Gold


Listen to Track Samples:

Track Title
Calming Seas
Gentle Rivers & Streams
Tranquil Birdsong
Inspiring Thunderstorm
Rainforest Reverie
Tibetan Healing Sounds
Moonlit Forest
Secret Cave
Friendly Dolphins & Whales
Revitalising Waterfall
Refreshing Rain
Soothing Windchimes On the Wind
English Country Garden
Exotic Jungle
Cathedral Choir Garden
Romantic Tropical Beach

Enjoy the relaxation of nature sounds anywhere, anytime with Natural Sounds Gold by acclaimed new age producer, Llewellyn.  This double album offers over 2+ hours of calming, natural sounds mixed without sudden loud noises or unpleasant interruptions.

Manual or massage therapists, or healing arts professionals providing acupuncture or aromatherapy will enjoy the soothing natural soundscapes and atmospheres of Natural Sounds Gold.

Highly recommended for:  relaxation music, sleep, stress-relief, healing arts and healthcare environments

Double Album TRT:  2+ hours

Two tracks available, album only: #6 Tibetan Healing sounds - soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls and chimes and #12 Soothing windchimes on the Wind - gentle tinklings of windchimes carried on the wind.


With over one million albums of their music sold worldwide, Llewellyn & Juliana are highly respected new age and relaxation Artists. Much of their work is related to healing therapies and they have worked closely with therapists to produce their unique, tranquil music.

Their Reiki albums have been recognized finalists in the New Age Voice / Best Healing / Meditation categories for years. Much of their work is related to healing therapies and they have worked closely with therapists to produce many albums of music for relaxation, massage and meditation include: Reiki Sleep, Reiki Gold , Reiki Starlight, Tantric Love and more.

The Ultimate Natural Sounds series, was produced by Llewellyn in association with Niall; who scouted, selected and professionally recorded the soothing nature sounds. This series of albums includes: Calming Seas, Tranquil Birdsong, Birdsong by the Stream and Inspiring Thunderstorm.

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