Chakra Suite

Chakra Suite

Steven Halpern
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1st Chakra_C
2nd Chakra_D
3rd Chakra_E
4th Chakra_F
5th Chakra _G
6th Chakra _A
7th Chakra _B
Chakra Angels
Harmonic Convergence
Rainbows of Life
1st Chakra_C
2nd Chakra_D
3rd Chakra_E
4th Chakra_F
5th Chakra_G
6th Chakra_A
7th Chakra B

Chakra Suite by musician/composer Steven Halpern, is choreographed to balance the chakras and assist health and healing by stimulating each vital energy center with corresponding sound frequencies.  This massage music also creates the perfect music mood for meditation, healing and relaxation. 

"This recording highlights the primordial power of pure tone, and an evolutionary/revolutionary approach to composing. What you won’t hear are recognizable melodies, familiar chord progressions or a continuous rhythm, as is found in most music. Unlike most music, there is no conscious or subconscious destination; the music doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Rather, it reminds us that we are human be-ings…not human do-ings. Chakra Suite allows you to be in the moment…becoming one with the music…and with the stillness and peace that lies beyond sound." - Steven Halpern

About the Chakras:
Each chakra is associated with specific psychological and emotional characteristics, and can be resonated and stimulated by specific frequencies of sound. Chakra Suite is based on the principles of resonance
and entrainment. Playing the appropriate musical keynote and scale tones in a consecutive, ascending context, literally assists our human instrument to tune itself and entrain (synchronize) to a higher octave of well-being.

Note: Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation
There are approximately 7 seconds of silence between each track.

Steven Halpern

STEVEN HALPERN is an internationally-acclaimed composer and best-selling recording artist whose research, books and recordings helped create the healing music/sound healing genre. For over 36 years, he has produced music with the intention to nurture body, mind and spirit. His music is born from a place of deep peace, and his recordings radiate that experience whenever they are played. His CDs have been favorites of the massage and spa world for over 30 years…“in a class by itself”—Massage Magazine. When it comes to relaxation and ‘sound health’, Steven Halpern’s music is an ideal choice to create a peaceful ambience and complement all forms of therapeutic bodywork. Steven received the Lifetime Achievement award in June 2010 from the World Massage Festival, and has keynoted at two national conferences of the American Massage Therapy Association, the only musician to be honored in this way for his contributions to our field.

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