Rose for the Dust

Rose for the Dust

Jay Yarnall

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Track Title
August Reunion
Slow Moon
Bamboo Nights
She Moves
Dusk Rain
Dawn Again
Dance Across

Rose for the Dust was composed and performed by multi-talented musician, Jay Yarnall.  You'll experience an hour of entrancing, fusion music with rhythms and melodies that evoke the timeless traditions of Asia and Arabia. Keyboards, sarod, and earthy, hypnotic percussion create a sensual, global massage music soundscape. All music written and performed by Jay except tracks 1 and 3, which were written and recorded by Lisa Moskow and Jay Yarnall.


ROSE for the Dust lifts the listener into a high spiritual space that is at once ancient, now, and not yet. The melodies and rhythms evoke South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Arabia. - Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, Davis

ROSE For The Dust reveals that the purpose of music is to bring us deeper into our soul and into our mind. The energy is quiet and peaceful, and thoughtful and sophisticated, and it makes one want to sit still and just be there, and just listen. - Emily H., New York, NY


"Rose for the Dust was created as a liquid stream of suggestion and imagery."  – Jay Yarnall

Jay Yarnall

Jay Yarnall was born in 1947, a few minutes before rock and roll was born. He grew up playing drums, and a passion for percussion has informed his musical life ever since.  Rose for the Dust is a subtle and sneaky album.  It will creep up on you, attach itself to you and before you know it you will be infatuated with its rhythms, textures and moods. 

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