Yoga Groove

Yoga Groove

DJ Free & Brent Lewis

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Chakra Rhythm
Dancing Buddha
Yoga Groove

Yoga Groove is a rhythmic, melodic, yoga music experience with Eastern influences, ambient grooves and downtempo beats fused with tribal percussion. DJ Free collaborated with master percussionist  Brent Lewis at his Joshua Tree studio to record shakers, drums and other acoustic, percussive instruments. He also worked side by side with Yoga and movement instructors, including CJ Page to mix and arrange the tracks at Present Moment Retreat in Mexico. The first two tracks, Lotus and Chakra Rhythm, are included in the complete album download.

Instruments: Electronic and ambient soundscapes, piano, synthesizer, flute, Native and bamboo flutes, sitear and mantra vocals (Andra Suchy)

Highly recommended for: Yoga, chill, relaxation, lounge

TRT: 66:39

DJ Free & Brent Lewis

DJ Free is an award-winning producer/composer whose musical oeuvre includes soundtracks for IMAX®, PBS/National Geographic and ESPN. His DJ roots, along with the world’s indigenous cultures, influence his music. He has charted on Billboard and several international DJ and Dance charts. He works with award-winning artists from a variety of cultural and musical backgrounds to create a fresh mix of chill music for yoga, spa and lounge. DJ Free has been a guest teacher at the Esalen® Institute; when creating music for the healing arts, he consults with Yoga, massage, movement and music therapy practitioners.

Brent Lewis is a master percussionist who has studied with drum masters from around the world and has traveled extensively throughout Africa to study the roots of African music, tribal ceremonies and rhythms. He has performed with a who’s who list of artists (Smokey Robinson, Grateful Dead and Joe Cocker to name a few) and his percussion can be heard on Oliver Stone’s JFK and three IMAX scores. In addition to composing music for the Australian Ballet, Brent leads drum workshops to share his unique style of music and the magic of drums.

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